Windows Vista SP 1 : What Do You Expect?

Windows Vista SP 1 : What Do You Expect?

Are You Vista users? Good because the first release candidate of Windows Vista Service Pack 1(SP 1) will be available within just a few days. So what do you expect from this release?

The goal of Windows Vista SP1 is to address key feedback Microsoft has received from its customers without regressing application compatibility. Windows Vista SP1 will deliver improvements and enhancements to existing features that significantly impact customers, but it does not deliver substantial new operating system features. For example, the service pack improves the performance of the desktop shell, but does not include a new version of Windows® Media Center.

The updates in Windows Vista SP1 fall into three categories, Quality improvements, Improvements to the administration experience, and Support for emerging hardware and standards.

Some of the updates and improvements are:-

· SP1 addresses issues many of the most common causes of crashes and hangs in Windows Vista, as reported by Windows Error Reporting. These include issues relating to Windows Calendar, Windows Media Player, and a number of drivers included with Windows Vista.

· Adds support for exFAT, a new file system supporting larger overall capacity and larger files, which will be used in Flash memory storage and consumer devices.

· Enhances support for high density drives by adding new icons and labels that will identify HD-DVD and Blu-ray Drives as high density drives.

· Improves power consumption and battery life.

· Improves the speed of adding and extracting files to and from a compressed (zipped) folder.

· Improves the speed of copying files, folders, and other media.

· Improves startup and resume times when using ReadyBoost.

· Users can control which volumes the disk defragmenter runs on.

You can read the detailed about Windows Vista SP1 enhancement at iStartedSomethingdot]com.