Amazing Ads Picture


Amazing Ads Picture

Today, while surfing the Net a few pictures has caught my attention. They are awesome to me and I would like to share with all of you.

Here's the pictures:-

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Create Online Web 2.0 Badges at


Create Online Web 2.0 Badges at

Nowadays,I can say that every bloggers or webmasters has their own web 2.0 badges since putting badges on their site/blog can attract instant visitor attention if the color and style is match the blog’s theme.

Some of us think that making a web 2.0 badges is difficult to do BUT it is not. Today, we got an online web 2.0 badges generator to make the creation of the badges become easy. One of the website that provide such service is

Web 2.0 Badges is a free badge generator with a simple and effect interface. You can select the basic look of your badge by clicking on any of the available options. Enter the text to display and configure font text, size, color. Click on apply button and its all done.

Here’s a few of great web 2.0 badges that caught my attention :-

Click here to create your own Web 2.0 badges.

How To Manually Remove Knight.Exe Virus ?


How To Manually Remove Knight.Exe Virus ?

My Pendrive has been infected by this Knight.exe virus. Do not know where I got this virus but I think from my computer’s friend. When your pendrive is infected by this worm/virus, you can see that your pendrive icon will be change to something like this:-

When you right click on the pendrive, you’ll see the ‘Auto’ and ‘Disk Knight’ options is added. So, if you’re computer is enabling autorun function, your computer will be easily infected by this virus. Or if you double click on your pendrive, the virus will be automatically run and reside in your computer system. Usually it will reside in C:/Windows/system32 directory.

This is the code of ‘autorun.inf’ file that enable the virus to be automatically run once you double click your pendrive :-

How To Manually Remove Knight.exe virus ?

Basically all I did is right click on your pendrive, click ‘Explore’. Then under Tools > Folder option and select “view” tab.

Then check “Show Hidden Files” and uncheck both “Hide extension for known file types and “Hidden protested OS files”.

Then you’ll see the hidden files like “autorun.inf” and “knight.exe”.Select them and DELETE.

Now, your pendrive is clean BUT not your Operating System(if you already double clicked). To clean the virus from your OS, simply go to c:\Windows\system32 and find “knight.exe” (also hidden file) and DELETE the virus.

Done. Hope this guide will help you to get rid of this virus !!!