Ewreckers Review - An Online Spare Parts Market


Ewreckers Review - An Online Spare Parts Market

Looking for a best place to buy and sell spare parts, ford parts, truck parts, recycled part and etc ? I would recommend you to visit Ewreckers - An Online Spare Parts Market. If you're a seller, at Ewreckers you can turn your broken down machine into $$$$$, sell it for parts. This site is not only meant for sellers but also for buyers.You can purchase recycled parts over here which is functioning properly but no use to the sellers.

A bit Intro Of Ewreckers

eWreckers was founded to provide a fun way of buying and selling all types of new and used parts, including, Cars, Machines, Power Tools, Garden and Farm Machinery, Home Appliances, Musical Instruments, and lots more. The goal is to give users the opportunity to sell good working parts that otherwise will get thrown away, and in a fun and environmentally friendly way to make extra money from your old car, machine, tools, home appliances and at the same time, help the environment by recycling a portion of those machines. If you have a car that's not worth selling, or a machine that you don't need, you can sell it's good working parts and make more than what you would get for it if you sold it as is, or throw it away all together .guarantee!

For buyers you can easily find any spare parts by using their unique search function. Just remember to choose the right category of the spare parts that you're going to find and I'm sure you'll easily find the parts that you wanted.

For sellers, Ewreckers can help you earn a lot from your damaged car parts or recycled parts.Just take free membership, start selling and earn in dollars.There are NO listing fees and you list until it sells.

Visit Ewreckers for more info....

How To Create Your Own Windows XP Live CD


How To Create Your Own Windows XP Live CD

By following this guide you can now create a CD that runs Win XP without being installed, and use it to troubleshoot and recover crashed machines.

A live CD contains an OS configured to run directly off the CD, ie, it need not be installed on the system. Just pop the CD into the system's drive, boot from it and the OS will be up and running, without tampering with the OS loaded on your system's hard drive. This can be a very handy tool for network administrators for tasks such as, recovering data from crashed desktops or doing other troubleshooting tasks. Most live CDs till now had been based on Linux, with the most popular one being Knoppix. But, now there's a live CD that runs Win XP.

What You Need :-

  • A Windows XP SP2 install CD

Next, it will give you a plug-in list from where you need to select programs that you want to put on the live
CD. There are some very useful programs for system recovery, such as Nero for burning CDs, Ghost,
Snapshot, DOS 16-bit support and Easy Recovery Pro.

Besides the default plug-ins that come with PE-Builder, you can also download your own from here:

Finally, after you’ve chosen all the plug-ins, you’re ready to create an ISO image of your live Win XP CD.
Click on Next, and you’ll be asked to provide a path where the program will dump all files temporarily.
Tick the ‘Create ISO Image’ option and give the path and ISO file name to be created. It will start creating
the content for the live CD in the output folder. If the content is created successfully, it will also
automatically create an ISO image. Now you just have to use any burning software such as Nero and burn
the image on a CD.

WPdesigner.Com(PR 7) SOLD for $66,000 ?


WPdesigner.Com(PR 7) SOLD for $66,000 ?

Hi again.I got a few blogs that using wordpress instead of blogspot and WPdesigner.Com has become my resources for finding a good quality of Free Wordpress Themes and also a few great tutorials regarding wordpress.

What is WPdesigner.Com ?

WPDesigner.com (currently PR7) is a blog about wordpress themes, blog design and web development and the owner of this site, Small Potato has decided to sell his blog, WPDesigner.com due to his personal reasons. Otherwise, it wouldn't make sense for him to sell at all.Mainly, he will be traveling abroad for the rest of the years and don't have time to keep on growing this site.

Revenue Potentials ?

It's making about $890/month from the theme club itself,no other revenue. So, the new owner can easily further monetize this blog with :-

  • - Private banners
  • - Text link ads (can get between $150 - $250 per link )
  • - Sponsored reviews
  • - Consultation service
  • - WordPress development service

Current Bid At SitePoint

Wow !! Current bid at SitePoint right now is really high, it's $66,000. And auction ends in 5 days and 3 hours. But, when I scroll down,reading the last message posted by Small Tomato gues what ? "SITE HAS BEEN SOLD"

So, who's the new owner of WPdesigner.Com ?