Futuristic Icons ToBe Downloaded


Futuristic Icons To Be Downloaded

Here's a set of great futuristic icons that I found on the Net. It's really cool..

Want to have them all ? I've upload it and you can download them here...

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Finish Watching Prison Break Season 3 *Finale*


Finish Watching Prison Break Season 3 *Finale*

Have you guys watch Prison Break Season 3 *Finale* entitled "The Art of Deal" ? I've download it and just finish watcthing the episode.

OK..I tell you a bit about this episode.

Luis/McGrady and his father are approaching a police blockade. They stop and ask him some questions. McGrady hides, and his father pretends he doesn’t know anything. They demand to inspect the car.

Sucre’s being tortured back at Sona, but it’s not getting them anywhere.

Michael & Susan
Michael and Susan talk on the phone. He tells her he wants to meet in 10 minutes, alone. So she rounds everyone up.Susan meets Michael. She suggests he should be on the same side with the Company, since they pay well. He’s got Whistler; she has Sofia and LJ. It’s not time to exchange them, though. Michael isn’t interested in doing that just yet. He just wants to make sure everybody’s alive.

Whistler has some bad news for Susan. The book is gone.Pretty interesting, Whistler meet up with McMahon and asking him something like "Are you in ? " Looks like they got some plan, together with Susan...

Note :
Hopefully they pick it up for a fourth season, as there’s still obviously more left to the story.

How To Setup Internet Download Manager(IDM) For Rapidshare ?


How To Setup Internet Download Manager(IDM) For Rapidshare ?

Today, I will show you "How To Setup Internet Download Manager(IDM) For Rapidshare". This method is for the user that has a premium account at Rapidshare.Com.

First of all,open up your IDM and click on 'Option' button.

You can see many tabs inside. Now select 'Sites Logins' tab.

Add the bottom of this tab, you'll see a "New" button. Click on it to enter the URL of the site(rapidshare), username and password. Be sure to select 'http' not 'ftp' from the drop-down list. Click OK and you're done. Example of configuration is below :-

Now, its time for testing the settings whether it works or not. Let say i want to download CPU Mag(Mac 2008). The download link is :-


Copy the link and Open IDM > Add URL . Click OK. You'll see the download will start immediately after that. Easy isn't ? So, No NEED for you to paste the link in the browser, then click on "PREMIUM" and lastly you got the real download link..

Note :
I'm sure other Download Manager also have this function. So far I've configure IDM and FlashGet and it work just fine ..

How To Make Firefox Open Multiple Sites Everytime Its Started ?


How To Make Firefox Open Multiple Sites Everytime Its Started ?

Tabs function in the browsers is really useful since it can be used to open multiple sites within a single browser window. Before this, the method that I ONLY know to open multiple sites everytime it started is by simply open up a few sites in tabs then press CTRL + ALT + DEL and kill Firefox in the process list..So, everytime I start a Firefox, a popup appear asking me whether to start from Previous Session or New Session...

NOW, I know the right method on How To Make Firefox Open Multiple Sites Everytime Its Started..

Here's how you can customize Firefox to automatically open multiple tabs with your favorite websites on start up or when you click 'Home'.

  • Select 'Tools' > 'Options' and select 'Main' tab..
  • Then select 'Show my home page' from the 'When Firefox Starts' drop-down list
  • In the 'Home Page' section, type in the name of the sites you wish to open by separating each one with a ' |' (vertical line or Pipe)
  • # Click 'OK'

Here's an example on how to type multiple sites:-

Hope this guide is useful for everyone !!

Nokia N96 Mobile Phone Review & Pics


Nokia N96 Mobile Phone Review & Pics

A new multimedia computer has been announced by Nokia during the GSMA Mobile World Congress 2008, held in Barcelona, Spain. The Nokia N96 is the successor of the popular N95. The Nokia N96 is a multimedia computer which is truly optimized for video and TV. With a large 2.8" screen, 16 gigabytes of internal memory and support for high-quality videos in a wide range of formats, the dual-slide Nokia N96 represents an exciting new chapter in mobile media. Accessing internet videos is quick and simple. The Nokia N96 supports common video formats including MPEG-4, Windows Media Video and Flash Video, making favorite videos easy to view. Transferring and accessing videos is even faster with the high-speed USB 2.0 connection and WLAN and HSDPA support.

A few screen shots of Nokia N96 :-

source : [ Nokia N96 at LetsGoDigital.Org ]

How To Reduce Memory Usage in Firefox {Best Method}


How To Reduce Memory Usage in Firefox {Best Method}

I'm sure most of you already noticed that when we're browsing the Net using Firefox browser, you'll see that Firefox consume a lot of memory . Some of called it "Firefox Memory Leak". This situation happen to me too when I'm using Firefox for browsing. I really love Firefox since it can bring me a better and faster browsing experienced. So, how do I fix this memory leak or how do I reduce Firefox memory usage ?

Well, If you surf a lot, I'm sure you will find a few solutions that I think worth to try it out. While surfing, I found a few articles/tips that is quite useful to read regarding how to fix Firefox Memory Leak . Here's the articles :-

Zolved.Com - How To Reduce The Memory Usage in Firefox
InternetDuctTape.Com - How to Fix Memory Leak(Firefox Hack)
Kb.MozillaZine.Org - Reducing Memory Usage

All I know, the articles above will show you on how to hack the Firefox settings by changing the values inside "about:config". Does hacking the Firefox settings will help you fix the memory leak ? For me, it works but not that much that I want.

What Is The Best Method To Reduce Memory Usage in Firefox ?

If you ask me, I would say the best method so far is by using Firefox Ultimate Optimizer. Firefox Ultimate Optimizer is a simple program that improves the experience in sailing under Firefox making this release unused memory and in turn go a little faster because they are not consuming as much memory.

How to use? In short, you just have to run the program and this will make all while still running in the background on the taskbar next to the clock.Firefox Ultimate Optimizer is a tool, which runs in the background and is minimized to the system tray, that reduces CPU and Memory usage of Firefox by 33-50%

This is the memory usage before using Firefox Ultimate Optimizer :

This is after using Firefox Ultimate Optimizer :

Can you see the different in my memory usage ? You should try this program...