My Top 10 Firefox Themes


My Top 10 Firefox Themes

For those of you who are tired and boring of default plain gray theme of Firefox , there are a few things you can do to change the looks of your Firefox browser, making it more interesting. Just go to Firefox Add-on site, then look out for "themes" section. Themes are like new clothes for your Firefox. A theme can change only a few colors, or every piece of Firefox's appearance. It's another great way to personalize Firefox to your tastes.

I've installed all of them. When i got bored of current theme, I will change it to another. I usually stick with current theme only for a week, then I changed to a new one.

1) Aero Fox

This is a dark theme using Aero style buttons and icons. It is largely based on Aquatint Dark theme but uses some features from Abstract Classic and Cobalt Firefox.

2) Tinseltown

Tinseltown is a Christmas theme with holiday imagery including Christmas lights, snow, reindeer, presents and more. This theme is made eve better with great Christmas icons from Watiworks and a semi-transparent URL bar. Get in the holiday spirit!

Tinseltown, the holiday theme, works on Mac, Window and Linux for all to enjoy!

3) MidnightFox
MidnightFox is a dark theme with brightly colored buttons. The idea is to try and create a dark, yet usable, Firefox theme. This theme IS NOT finished. If you don't like dark themes, don't download.

4) SoccerFox SVG - A theme for Soccer/football fans.

5) ToonSkin - A violet and grey cartoon theme for your favorite browser.

6) TrafficFox - A Firefox theme with road signs.

7) iPox Aqua

Firefox theme with shinny blues and whites.

iPox Aqua is a spin off of iPox. This version includes bright blue buttons, background and other slight modifications to bring a big more to the original iPox theme.

8) PinkHope
PinkHope is a Firefox theme for Breast Cancer awareness. It's very pink and is one way you can help spread awareness at home, school or work without saying a word. The bright colors and pink ribbon are enough to let anyone know the cause.

9) Vista-aero - The most IE7-like theme with Vista Aero style!

10) Blue Ice - A crisp, simple ice blue theme...

Actually there are a lot more. To view all available themes and which Firefox's version the theme supported, visit Themes Section at Firefox Add-ons.

Fake Paypal : Update Your Account


Fake Paypal : Update Your Account

In my previous post, I wrote about Greetings from Paypal..then couple hours that when I was checking my mail I got another e-mail entitled "Paypal - Update Your Account".

Here's what the message looks like :-

How Do I Know It Was A Fake?

Well, it is simple, when I mouse over on "Click here to verify your information", you will notice the URL at the bottom of the browser is completely different from Original Paypal address which is " " . It indicate that when you click that statement it will redirect you to . Look at the screen shot below :-

My advice for you, especially for beginners just ignore the message. It just some cunning thieves that would like to steal your Paypal account password and take your money..

Greetings from Paypal


Greetings from Paypal

Have you got Christmas Greetings from Paypal? Well, I got it. Here's the greetings :-

Make Money With Ads4Dough


Make Money With Ads4Dough

Before this, I wrote about Making money with Aloha-ads, now I would like to introduce another new advertising network where publishers and advertisers can both earn money and sales, Ads4Dough. Ads4dough offers some of the best payouts with lightning fast commission payments. They have some of the highest trained affiliate managers in the business.

-Publishers will be provide with tons of unique and exclusive deals. Minimum payout of $50 a month and payment is check by default. However, you can contact them if you would be interested in receiving payment via Paypal.
- Publishers can also earn lots of money by referring people to this network. You will earn 2% of their commission for each affiliate that signs up under your link, once they are approved.

-Will get high volume of quality traffic with detailed, state of the art tracking capability. (That's what they said).

They also got an incentive program which I believe it's hard to achieved with this new advertising network.Incentive is as follow for each month:-
Generate Earn
$25,000 - $50 Gift Card

$50,000 - $100 Gift Card
$75,000 - $200 Gift Card
$100,000 - $500 Gift Card

Huhu, $25, 0000 a month? That's absurd and impossible to achieve except for John Chow and a few others that really successful in this arena..Besides, this is only a new advertising network.

But, if you would like to join them, here's the link :