Make Money With Aloha-Ads

Make Money With Aloha-Ads

Today, there are many ad network on the internet like Google Adsense, Chitika, Widgetbucks and many bloggers has made a big profit from it.Its all up to you to choose and they are really working just fine.For me, I've joined all of them, Google Adsense, Chitika, and Widgetbucks to maximize my online earnings.

While surfing, I've found another ad network that you could join to maximize your income potentials.This new ad network is currently in Beta-launch called Aloha-Ads. Aloha-Ads is a no-hassle way for both publishers and advertisers to boost revenue and traffic. Their flexible system is easy to setup and gives you total control over every aspect involved.

First Impression

The design of the site is simple with green glossy color as a theme. There's still have many improvement to be made, like adding "About us" section and "FAQ" section but they do have support forum. They also do not have "Referral" as a part of promotion since they're still new..I also do not know what is the look of the ads, is it look like Widgetbucks, is it like Chitika, who knows...


For the payment they wrote "Paypal supported", that means that you dont have to wait for a cheque to come through in the post, or wait until the funds are transferred to your bank account. I always like to join an ad network that pays via PayPal.

Bloggers, come and join this new ad network !

p/s: Hope this ad network will add additional income to me in the future


Anonymous said...

It's really interesting. With so many potential for bloggers like us to earn more money, there is really no limit. Thanks for sharing the info. Hope to build my blog and then submit to the site.