Got Invitation To Join Grabmyads

Got Invitation To Join Grabmyads

Today, I got an invitation to join Grabmyads by e-mail. Grabmyads? Never heard of it before. So I go to their "About Us" section to find out more about them.Basically, Grabmyads™ is a blog advertising network company from Malaysia. Their mission is to create an effective, easy-to-use advertising system for Authors, Advertisers, and the Audience.

Why Join Grabmyads ?

1- No Traffic Qualification -Whatever traffic you got from your blog, you're qualify to join Grabmyads.
2- Real Time Statistic -While you earn money displaying their ads, they also keep track of your blog statistics in real time, provide detailed reports about your blog.
3- More Income, No Fixed Amount For Ads Unit -Which means,once your put their code, their system will calculate your price of your ads strips.You'll get more income by placing ads strip position high on your blog.
4- Payment In Local Currency -They pay you in Local Currency, via cheque in RM
5- Other Advantages -Their team will ensure the ads served on your blog match your content.Moreover, Global Ads wil be shown when you don't have target graphical ads.

By the way, I like their motto "Helping Bloggers Earn Better and Easier". More info, you can visit Grabmyads ..

p/s: Now Malaysian got Nuffnang, Advertlets and Grabmyads. Hope Grabmyads will serve better and their ads will not slow down my blog's loading time.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your information on ads that slowing down your blog. Our team will monitor time to time to ensure all things goes well. If you face any problem, please feel free to email me at curt.ooi[@]

cybersix said...

Thanks for visiting and for paying attention..Hope this will be my another source of online earnings..:D