Free Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic


Free Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic

1) Exchange Technorati Favorites
Visit other related blogs, and kindly ask them to exchange Technorati favorites with you.

2) StumbleUpon
Right StumbleUpon. You can visit a forum like DigitalPoint and go to their Freebies section. There, you can find a lot of users can do a StumbleUpon for your blogs or articles. In exchange you also have to Stumble their articles.

3) Comment on Other Blogs
Look for large traffic Blogs in your niche, visit them and leave your comments on their blogs posts. You may use blog search engine like, and to find blogs in your niche.They might visiting your blog. Be the FIRST to comment on new topic on other blog...

4) Submit Articles
If you're really good at writing, then write articles that are related to your blog and submit them to popular article directories such as,,, If the readers found that you got quality articles, they may give you a lot of free targeted traffic...

5) Participate in Community Forums
Use google to search for forums that are related to your blog. Forums that has many members are recommended. Register, put your blogs at your signature and continue posting on the forums. You may want the others comment on your blog, asking for idea to make your blog interesting, asking for review and many more you could do. I can assure, if you're good here, this can bring a lot of free traffic and might become your subscribers as well.

6) Submit Your Blog to Directories
I heard that some bloggers claim that they gain a good amount of traffic from their listings in directories. That's not working for me but I keep sending my blog to directories. Hope to get a good result from them.

7) Post Often

You can lose your readers or traffics if you rarely update you blog, try to make it at least 1 posts per 2 day. This not only will maintain your traffic but possibly attract more readers because they can see everytime they're visiting your blog, there's always news refreshing post.

8) Write about "How To Increase Traffic"
Write helpful and quality articles related to traffic for blogging can attract other bloggers link to your articles and gain may be truckload of free traffic. Other bloggers really want to know how to increase traffics to their blogs as well. May be you got a different idea or method than what they are already implemented.

9) Post Breaking News
If your found a breaking news of your niche very earlier, post it to your blog. It may give your blog's traffic a boost. It's working.

10) Social Bookmarking
Bookmark you blog posts in the large social bookmarking sites like Technorati,, Simply and

11) Run a Competition
If you got some money, then you better start a contest on your blog. Think about the prizes that people really want. It will create a viral effect and bring in new visitors. You can run a competition like "Top Commentors", "Design Logo" etc..

12) On-page Optimization
Make sure your blog's title tag and description tag contain your targeted keywords. When you have posted plenty of quality blog post and done a lot of blog promotion, don't be surprise to see your blog ranks top 10 in Google and get free search engine traffic daily.

This this guide will help you, also me to increase my blog readers in the future..:D

Adsense Setup New Function


Adsense Setup New Function

Today, when I open Adsense account to setup new adsense code for this blog,I noticed that Adsense Code section has few new functions..

I decided to use new blogger template for this blog. I made this decision because I realize that I realized I can depend on classic template forever even I like classic template more than this new blogger template. It simply because I can easily customize my template. Moreover, classic template blogger code is easy to understand, new blogger, making me hard to understand even for doing small task like adding Adsense code...Looks like I have to learn how this new template works so that someday I'll be able to make template on my own..
I hope so..:D

Ok..back to the toppic, Adsense new function. There are "Preview Function" and "Unit Name for the Code"..You will find preview function just below your preview image and foe Name of the code is at the bottom of the page.

Here's the pictures :-