Amazing Celebrity Caricatures


Amazing Celebrity Caricatures

Here's a few Amazing Celebrity Caricatures that I found on the Net:-

Amazing isn't it? Looks fantastic to me. Well you can find other celebrity caricatures like Nicholas Cage, Leonardi DiCaprio, Wil Smith etc at Boulevard of The Star.Com

How to Make Money With Google Adsense


How to Make Money With Google Adsense

As most of the bloggers are using Google Adsense to earn money from blogging. I'm going to share some tips on Adsense and if you're still newbie, it will be very useful tips for you to get started. Google AdSense is a fast and easy way for small and medium sites to make money free online by displaying relevant, text-based, un-obtrusive ads from Google AdWords (Google’s own advertising program) and receiving a share of the pay-per-click payment. Google AdSense is a Pay-Per Click (PPC) service. Webmasters/bloggers are paid a portion of the revenue which Google collects from advertisers each time a web site visitor clicks on an AdSense advertisement.

AdSense is easy to join, it doesn’t cost you anything, all you have to do is paste a few lines of code into your pages, and Google does the work of finding the best ads for them from hundreds of thousands of advertisers.

How To Get Started?

Go to Google AdSense Sign up for AdSense.

Fill in the application form and confirm an email that Google will send you.

After Google will evaluate your blog and if it qualify, Google will send you notification email within 2-3 days, If your site is accepted, you’ll be able to log in to your AdSense account.

Log in to your account using the email address and password that you submitted with your application. And read the Terms and Conditions First.

Before pasting the AdSense ad code into your blog, you have to setup your adsense.You could choose to setup "Adsense for Content","Adsense for Search" or "Referrals". There are many types of ad layout for instance 468x60(banner), skyscrapper, large rectangle, link units etc.

How Adsense Generate Revenue For You?

Basically, when someone visit your blog and click on Advertisement from Google Adsense, you get the revenue share.Revenue per click are varies from as low as $0.01 to $2.xx or even more than that.Warning! Do not click your own ads, I will get banned for doing that.

How To Get More Click/Revenue?
Increase Impressions
The most basic method of increasing your number of impressions is to increase the traffic to your web site.When your blog got a good traffic, the chance of reader clicking the ads getting high. How to increase traffic? You should read my previous post on "Free Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic".

Increase Click-Through-Ratio (CTR)
Increase in Click-Through-Ratio can mean a large increase in revenue. A rise from a CTR of 1.0 to a CTR of 1.1 should mean an increase in revenue of 10%. Use simple design with the AdSense ads displayed prominently. According to Google, ads in the skyscraper format works better (especially on the right side of the page). Focus to only one topic per page - that should make it easier for Google to serve up the more tightly contextual ads which means better click-through.

Use Relevant Keywords
This is also very important.If your readers is reading about Windows Vista, the targeted Ads should be like Vista Updates, Vista Tweak, or something relevant to the topic.

Ads Placement

Place your Google Adsense advertisements on the top of your page. When people visit your website, they will put their attention on the information that is displayed at the top of the page.

Blend your Google Adsense Ads With Content
How? Use the same font and font color that suits your website theme. You can set the font and font color from your Google Adsense account.

If you're still new in blogging world,take some time and try out the above techniques that are listed above. You will need some time to trial and error so as to find out the best strategies for your website and Google Adsense combination.

P/s: Later, I will write about an alternative program for Adsense just in case you got banned from using Adsense.