How To Put A Digg Widget On Blog


How To Put A Digg Widget On Blog

Hi,just look at my sidebar and I'm sure you'll see a popular Digg news.

You too can now easily display the latest Digg news on your site or blog by adding a Digg Widget to your blog, now with more choices for what to show and how it's displayed. When news is updated on Digg, it will automatically be displayed on your blog, so got fresh news every minute in the widget format that you choose. To get started, follow the steps below to customize your Widget and then copy and paste the appropriate code to your site.

A) First of all, go to Add a Digg widget page, then choose a theme for your widgets based on your blog color. Just to make sure that I'll suitable and blend with your blog. There are couple of themes that you can select and customize. It's up to you.

B) Then Choose What To Show on your blog. You can either show All popular stories from certain categories, Top 10 list from certain categories, Stories that dugg by user, etc. For this blog, I choose to show All popular stories in Tech Industry News.

C) For Display Option, you can set the number of items you want to display, width and height, border( show or not), Digg Counts( better to show, make the widgets look more stylish :D) etc.

D) The last one is to Copy-and-Paste the code generated based-on your selection to the sidebar of your blog or where you want the Digg Widget to be displayed.

Oh, forgot to tell you, there's also a preview available for the widget at the right side. So, hope this preview will make your job easier to customize the widgets.