Snooki Gets Arrested : 'Jersey Shore' Star Arrested for Disorderly Conduct


Snooki Gets Arrested : 'Jersey Shore' Star Arrested for Disorderly Conduct

It is reported that Jersey Shore star Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi was arrested this afternoon in Seaside Heights, N.J. for disorderly conduct.

It is believed is she was taken into custody for public intoxication..

PEOPLE is reporting that Snooki was arrested for public intoxication. "She didn't hurt anyone or get in a fight. She just needs to be in a drunk tank for two hours," a source told them.

According to TMZ, earlier in the day, Snooki was at the beach with a beer bong full of Coca-Cola.

80+ Amazing AND Creative Wallpapers


80+ Amazing AND Creative Wallpapers

80+ Amazing AND Creative Wallpapers
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35 PC Art Linux Desktop Wallpapers


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35 PC Art Linux Desktop Wallpapers JPG | 35 Pics | 1600×1200 | 12,1 Mb
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Tutorial : How To Upload Photos to Facebook via Mobile Phone


Tutorial : How To Upload Photos to Facebook via Mobile Phone

1- Facebook Apps for Mobile

If you have a smartphone like the iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile or Nokia (with Ovi Store), you can visit using the internet browser of your mobile phone and download the Facebook application for your device. These apps will often integrate with the camera function of your phone and provide an option to directly upload pictures to Facebook right after they’ve been taken.

If there’s no official Facebook app available for your mobile platform, you may also check the mobile app at – Shozu is available for a large number of mobile phones and allows uploading photos/videos to Facebook in addition to most other social sites.

2- Facebook MMS

Now if you are not carrying a smartphone but still want to move pictures from the phone to Facebook, you can use picture messaging or MMS. Here’s how it works.

Compose a new MMS message on your mobile phone and attach the image file that you want to post to your Facebook stream with the MSS message. Send that MMS to (email, not phone) and Facebook will send you a confirmation code (via text) to associate your mobile phone number with your Facebook profile.

The MMS option looks like a nice technique for upload photos from old phones but the problem is that it may not always work as expected and secondly, sending MMS messages per picture (depending upon your carrier plan) can sometimes turn out to be an expensive proposition.

3- Facebook Email

Luckily, there’s another option provided your mobile phone can send email. Go to and note a special "upload" email address that has been assigned to you by Facebook. Any photograph (or video clip) that is sent to this address via email will instantly get posted to your Facebook page.

Much like Flickr, when you send a photo to this "unique" email address, the subject of your email message will be used as the photo caption. And these photos will get saved in the "Mobile Uploads" photo album of your Facebook account visible to all your Facebook contacts. You can consider changing the privacy settings of your "Mobile Uploads" folder to change the default viewership of photographs upload from a mobile device.

Another tip – the email address assigned by Facebook can be quite long and complex so you may want to save it to your phone address book beforehand for easy access.

4- Facebook + Posterous

When you send photos to Facebook via the email option, all pictures are published to the "Mobile Uploads" folder by default and unfortunately, there’s no option to change that setting. However, if you want Facebook to create separate photo albums for each of your batch uploads, you can consider using Posterous.

It works like this. First link your Facebook account with Posterous. Then go to your Posterous Autopost settings and set the minimum Facebook gallery size to either 1 or 2. Now when you send an email message to with 2 or more photos, they will be posted to their own albums on Facebook so it becomes more easy for you to manage / sort pictures later.

[source : Labnol.Org]

Tutorial : How To Change Facebook Theme


Tutorial : How To Change Facebook Theme

Some of you maybe feel a bit boring with the blue facebook theme and maybe you're thinking if there's somehow you can change the facebook theme. Well, actually you can.

There are 2 ways to change your facebook theme that I know.

1. Using the application provided by :-

  • Choose Start Install
  • Install Add-ons and after finished, restart your Mozilla Firefox.
  • Login to your facebook.
  • Install PageRage application to your facebook.
  • After that, just choose whatever facebook theme you like.
Done. See the result for yourself.

2. By Using

- Install Add-ons
- Then restart Mozilla Firefox.
- Login to your facebook account.
- Go to
- Choose your desire facebook theme.
- THEN “Load into Stylish” ,Save.
- Refresh your facebook page.
- DONE!!!

Tutorial : How to Submit Blogger Sitemap For Better Indexing in Search Engine


Tutorial : How to Submit Blogger Sitemap For Better Indexing in Search Engine

I discover this method at Labnol.Org and I think the method is really good and decided to share it with you.

Sitemap is very important to every website or blog and a good sitemap will make Search Engines like Google, Yahoo crawl your site and index your blog content. More of your content indexed by Search Engine means, you get more traffic or visitors to your site. More visitors, more income you can generate and it can helps your blog to achieve better page rank.

Here's the step you need to follow:-
Step 1: If you haven’t done this already, sign-in to your Google Webmasters account and add your blog.

Step 2: Once your blog is added to Google, open the Sitemap Generator and type the full address of your blogspot blog (or your self-hosted Blogger blog).

Step 3: What you get is list of sitemap files that contain each and every page of your blog. You now just have to ping Google, Yahoo and Bing to inform them about these XML sitemaps.

As shown in the video screencast below, you need to manually add each of the sitemap files into your Google Webmaster Tools dashboard but for Bing or Yahoo, you can simply click blue hyperlinks and these search engines will automatically download the relevant sitemap files from your blogspot site.