How To Disable Windows Security Alerts


How To Disable Windows Security Alerts

Windows Security Alerts usually appeared when you disable either Virus Protection, Firewall or Automatic Updates.

In this example, I've turn off the Automatic Updates. And then you will get something like this :-

So how to disable or turn off this windows security alerts ?

Its simple. First of all, go to Control Panel > Security Center.

On the left bar, click on "Change the way Security Center alerts me"

Alert Settings windows will pop out.So just "uncheck" Automatic Updates and the balloon will disappear..

That's all.

DOTA crash - Blue Screen Solution


DOTA crash - Blue Screen Solution

This blue screen of death happened to my friend's computer when trying to play D.O.T.A.
He's using Nvidia Geforce 8500GT on XP machine. So everytime he try to play Frozen Throne (aka D.O.T.A) in the middle of the game the blue screen appears saying something like :-

stop: 0x0000008E ( 0xC0000005 0xA8581A5E 0xBA2A771C 0x00000000)
RTKHDAud.sys A8581A5E A8522000

Then he asked me to fix this problem. Based on the error, RTKHDAud.sys is the culprit.Which means the problem is related to Realtek High Definition audio driver.

So, I just uninstalled the Realtek HD driver and download this driver after read from forums,suggesting that this driver could work.

>> Download Realtek HD Driver <<

Re-install the driver that I've just downloaded and restart the computer. I try running the Frozen Throne and got no problem...

Maybe this problem happened to other person and I hope this guide will help you to solve the problem and you can play D.O.T.A very well.

How To Download Torrent Files Without Using Torrent Client?


How To Download Torrent Files Without Using Torrent Client?

If you ask this question ? The anwser is YES, you can download torrent files without even using torrent client.

How To Download ?
All you have to do is go to BitLet.Org.

First of all, copy the torrent metafile URL and paste it at BitLet.Org then press "Download Torrent". Done !! You're now downloading torrent files without using torrent client.

GO tell your friend about this magic.:D

p/s :- You must have Java Plug-in in your browser..

How To Remove Heap41a(win32.USBworm) Worm ?


How To Remove Heap41a(win32.USBworm) Worm ?

This is actually not a new worm.But most of us still got infected by this worm since we do not frequently update the anti-virus definition.

This win32.USBworm is making quite a mess to your computer by blocking you from accessing Firefox,Orkut or Youtube.Usually the computer infected with this worm will get the following message :-

How To Remove ?
Well,before this you have to manually delete its entries by opening "regedit".Now there is a tool for removing this worm.If i'm not mistaken, this tool is developed by Mr. Sarath Lakshman.

Download tool here:-
>> Heap41a a.k.a win32.USBworm Removal Tool <<

How To Easily Download Streaming Video From Streaming Sites ?


How To Easily Download Streaming Video From Streaming Sites ?

Hi again.Since I got bunch of free time, I will post another guide and this time its about "How to Easily Download Streaming video/flash video from Streaming Sites like Youtube, Crunchyroll, Megavideo etc" wihtout using any additional tool, just using your Download Manager.

In this tutorial, I'll be using Internet DOwnload Manager.

First of all, you have to open your Internet Download Manager Option(Download > Option).Then go to "File Types" tab.There you'll see in the box EXE ZIP RAR and the last one BZ2(it depends).

Here's what you gonna do. Go to the last one and add "FLV"(without quote). So the last line shoud be like this :-


DOne.Make sure that your download manager properly integrate with your browser like Firefox Browser..

Now open your browser and go to your favorite Streaming site like Crunchyroll(I like this site, hell a lot of good videos).

Just choose any video to test.FOr example,I choose this video :-

Wait for a few seconds and you will notice that there is pop out, asking you to download the videos. GO ahead and download the video.

I've test this method with video site like Crunchyroll, Youtube, Megavideo, and it working just fine...

BUT, there is disadvantages of using this method.You won't be able to watch video online.Every flash videos will be detected and you need to download them in order to play them .So my suggestion is to using 2 browser, one is integrated with your IDM and the other one is for just streaming...

How To Detect Rapidshare Happy Hour


How To Detect Rapidshare Happy Hour

Do you know Rapidshare Happy Hours ? Well,basically at this time Rapidshare will deavtivate its CAPTCHA system so that FREE user can download just like premium users.

If i'm not mistaken, Rapidshare Happy Hour time is between 11am to 1pm Eastern Time.

How To Easily Detect Rapidshare Happy Hour?
Actually there is a tool that can detect this happy time.It is called Rapishare Happy-Hour Checker. You can download this tool by clicking the link below :-

How To Upload File To Different File-Hosting at Once


How To Upload File To Different File-Hosting at Once

DO you want to know how to upload file to different file-hosting at once? I'm sure most of you especially uploaders excited to know since it will save a lot of your time. Using the old way, i mean uploading file from one hosting then after finish, upload it again to another hosting is quite boring and waste most of your precious time.

How ?
BY using UploadJockey.Com. Basically when you upload a file to UploadJockey, we will upload your file to many top free file hosts (,,,, and for you. When a visitor clicks one of our links, they then have the option of choosing which host they prefer to download from.

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