How To Remove Heap41a(win32.USBworm) Worm ?

How To Remove Heap41a(win32.USBworm) Worm ?

This is actually not a new worm.But most of us still got infected by this worm since we do not frequently update the anti-virus definition.

This win32.USBworm is making quite a mess to your computer by blocking you from accessing Firefox,Orkut or Youtube.Usually the computer infected with this worm will get the following message :-

How To Remove ?
Well,before this you have to manually delete its entries by opening "regedit".Now there is a tool for removing this worm.If i'm not mistaken, this tool is developed by Mr. Sarath Lakshman.

Download tool here:-
>> Heap41a a.k.a win32.USBworm Removal Tool <<


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