Fake Paypal : Update Your Account

Fake Paypal : Update Your Account

In my previous post, I wrote about Greetings from Paypal..then couple hours that when I was checking my mail I got another e-mail entitled "Paypal - Update Your Account".

Here's what the message looks like :-

How Do I Know It Was A Fake?

Well, it is simple, when I mouse over on "Click here to verify your information", you will notice the URL at the bottom of the browser is completely different from Original Paypal address which is " https://www.paypal.com/ " . It indicate that when you click that statement it will redirect you to http://www.bulacademy.com/pp/ . Look at the screen shot below :-

My advice for you, especially for beginners just ignore the message. It just some cunning thieves that would like to steal your Paypal account password and take your money..