Finish Watching Prison Break Season 3 *Finale*

Finish Watching Prison Break Season 3 *Finale*

Have you guys watch Prison Break Season 3 *Finale* entitled "The Art of Deal" ? I've download it and just finish watcthing the episode.

OK..I tell you a bit about this episode.

Luis/McGrady and his father are approaching a police blockade. They stop and ask him some questions. McGrady hides, and his father pretends he doesn’t know anything. They demand to inspect the car.

Sucre’s being tortured back at Sona, but it’s not getting them anywhere.

Michael & Susan
Michael and Susan talk on the phone. He tells her he wants to meet in 10 minutes, alone. So she rounds everyone up.Susan meets Michael. She suggests he should be on the same side with the Company, since they pay well. He’s got Whistler; she has Sofia and LJ. It’s not time to exchange them, though. Michael isn’t interested in doing that just yet. He just wants to make sure everybody’s alive.

Whistler has some bad news for Susan. The book is gone.Pretty interesting, Whistler meet up with McMahon and asking him something like "Are you in ? " Looks like they got some plan, together with Susan...

Note :
Hopefully they pick it up for a fourth season, as there’s still obviously more left to the story.


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