WPdesigner.Com(PR 7) SOLD for $66,000 ?

WPdesigner.Com(PR 7) SOLD for $66,000 ?

Hi again.I got a few blogs that using wordpress instead of blogspot and WPdesigner.Com has become my resources for finding a good quality of Free Wordpress Themes and also a few great tutorials regarding wordpress.

What is WPdesigner.Com ?

WPDesigner.com (currently PR7) is a blog about wordpress themes, blog design and web development and the owner of this site, Small Potato has decided to sell his blog, WPDesigner.com due to his personal reasons. Otherwise, it wouldn't make sense for him to sell at all.Mainly, he will be traveling abroad for the rest of the years and don't have time to keep on growing this site.

Revenue Potentials ?

It's making about $890/month from the theme club itself,no other revenue. So, the new owner can easily further monetize this blog with :-

  • - Private banners
  • - Text link ads (can get between $150 - $250 per link )
  • - Sponsored reviews
  • - Consultation service
  • - WordPress development service

Current Bid At SitePoint

Wow !! Current bid at SitePoint right now is really high, it's $66,000. And auction ends in 5 days and 3 hours. But, when I scroll down,reading the last message posted by Small Tomato gues what ? "SITE HAS BEEN SOLD"

So, who's the new owner of WPdesigner.Com ?