Submit Your Blog to Bing.Com : Microsoft's New Search Engine

Submit Your Blog to Bing.Com : Microsoft's New Search Engine

What is actually Bing ? It's Microsoft's New Search Engine that offers a lof of features like Google Search Engine. If you blogger still do not submit your blog to this new search engine, it would be a waste. Getting indexed in as many search engines on the Net is a must if you want to get ton's of visitors from search engines.

Why Bing?

Majority of websites have already been indexed in Bing since the company had different types of search engines like MSN Search, Live Search etc., they have used the database to get the sites to index in their new search engine. But some sites have unfortunately fails to index in Bing so you can manually submit your websites to Bing after that Bing robots will start indexing your site and start displaying the search results.

How to Submit?

* First you need to login into your MSN (Live or Hotmail) Account and then access the Webmaster Tools Section of Bing search engine my visiting here.


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