How To Disable Firefox Restore Session Dialog Box

How To Disable Firefox Restore Session Dialog Box

When you surf a lot, you tend to open multiple web pages on your Firefox(a lot of tabs). When you want to close the Firefox browser when there are a lot of tabs still open, you'll get the Dialog Box, saying whether you want to Save the Session or Not.

This function is quite useful to some people. But not all people like this function. Since of you save the last session, the next person that will be using your computer will know what you're doing before this, which sites you open etc.

So how to disable this Firefox Restore Session Dialog Box function?

You just have to change the value of the browser.sessionstore.enabled flag. It’s easy.

  • Type about:config in your Firefox Address bar.
  • Select browser.sessionstore.enable
  • Double click to change the setting to false

Simple. Now you will no longer get the Firefox Restore Session Dialog Box.

Give it a try !!!