How to Customize Send To Menu in Vista

How to Customize Send To Menu in Vista

The Send To menu allows you to quickly send files and folders to another location.

By default, the places where you can send a file or folder are the following: 'removable drives' such as the memory sticks that are plugged into your computer, your CD/DVD-RW drives, a 'Compressed (zipped) Folder' , your Desktop, your Documents folder and 'Mail Recipient' which means attaching it to a new e-mail message using your default e-mail client.

You can customize the SendTo Menu options, which means you can add your own options, where you want the files to be sending to.

1) First, click on the Start button and, in the search box, type 'shell:sendto' and click on the shell:sendto search result or press Enter instead. The Send To folder will appear.

In the Send To window you can add your own favorite places where you want to send other files or folders.

2) To add your own option in Sendto menu, you need to decided about the place where you want to send other files or folders. Let say in D:\Folder1\.

Go to Folder1, right click it > Create Shortcut . Then Copy/Cut the created shortcut folder To Sendto menu folder.

3) Done. Once you have added all the shortcuts you wanted to the Send To folder, you can right click on any file or folder from your computer and send them to any of your new favorite places. If you want to remove a location from the Send To menu, just delete its shortcut from the Send To folder.