Yudu Freedom - Publish Your Documents Online for Free

Yudu Freedom - Publish Your Documents Online for Free

Yudu Freedom (Yudu) is a free service that lets users publish any of their documents online. Basically, Yudu takes your PDF documents that you have on your hard drive and lets you host them online for free. Yudu says the reason their service is free is because they “want to everyone to experience the possibilities and enjoy the benefits of online publishing and online reading.”

Once you have published your documents you will get an interactive, easy to navigate through publication online that can be used for whatever you want. If you got a site or blog it is very easy to add the pdfs you have hosted on Yudu to them, and since Yudu says they will host them free forever, you don’t have to worry about broken pages(hopefully).

Here are other advantages that Yudu has listed for their service:

* Get it noticed online… YUDU publications are search engine friendly!
* Includes live web links to click to other sites.
* Readers can add their own ‘Bookmarks’ and ‘Notes’ to your publication.
* All publications are carbon neutral and family friendly.
* Multiple views & zoom for easy reading.
* Uses high resolution images and crisp vector text.

So, if you have some documents you would like to get hosted online then you might want to give Yudu a shot. It’s free, so it can’t hurt. Let me know what you guys think.

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