Wireless Charging Pad

Wireless Charging Pad

Wireless technologies became very popular and they develop day by day. All wires now seem very old-fashioned and uncomfortable to work with. However, all gadget lovers still face them every time they recharge their devices. Unfortunately, there are no ways to emit electricity wirelessly; it is theoretically possible but still too far to be a reality. Imagine how cool will it be to have some places, where you can put all your gadgets and they will recharge their batteries without any hassle with different chargers and charging slots. While this cannot be done now, there is a possibility that this cool gadget will be a step forward in this direction.

The Wild Charger looks like a small pad, but it is not a simple one. It is a charger pad that will charge your gadgets while they are on it! It can seem fantastic, but it is true - you can just leave your gadget resting on it and the battery will charge. Of course, this task cannot be done with each and every gadget, because there is a special adapter still needed to be plugged in the gadget, and this adapter must come in contact to the pad to work. It is a simple but effective combination - just put devices on the pad, without need to plug in and out charge cables constantly.

This idea sounds great, and it is not a concept - this Wild Charger pad is available now, 60$ for the pad and 35$ for the adapter. Unfortunately, it only supports Motorola Razr V3 for the moment, with an gadgets. Maybe in not so distant future we will get rid of all wires at all, and gadgets like this make it even closer.

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