How To Improve Your Internet Speed ?

How To Improve Your Internet Speed ?

Its quite a long time since I last update this blog since I'm a bit busy right now.Today I got free time and I thought I would like to update this blog with new info or tips. While stumbling and googling around, I found a great info on how you can increase or improve your internet speed. I've tried and it seems working just fine...

Here's the step that you could do to improve your internet performance without using any additional software....

1) go Start > Run and type “gpedit.msc” - without the quotes . A "Group Policy" window will appear.

2) On the Left Navigation, go to Computer Configuration > Adminstative Templates > Network > QoS Packet Sceduler. On the Right site, you will see this. (refer the image below)

4) Double click on the Limit Reservation Bandwidth and set the settings as you seen below.

Note : Usually, your Bandwidth limit(%) will be set 20%.

Then, click OK and you're done !!!