Have You Watch Good Luck Chuck Movies?

Have You Watch Good Luck Chuck Movies?

Yeah, have you watch it ? I got to tell you man, this movie is awesome. A sexual humor date movie. I got to say, I'm watching this movies just because I really like to watch Jessica Alba acting..

A bit Interesting Info About The Movies
Jessica Alba as Cam and her boyfriend Dane Cook as Charlie Logan. All you have to know is that Charlie has been cursed since he was a kid by his friend that I don't remember her name. But for other women, that cursed is actually a luck or charm. This cursed will make every woman who Charlie Logan (Dane Cook) sleeps with marries her next boyfriend..So for those who is desperately want a husband, she will find Charlie to sleep with him..hahahaha

Then Charlie meet Cam. Jessica Alba in this movies act as a clumsy person which I very like to watch..
It happened that Charlie fall in love with Cam.
Charlie realizes he has to break the curse before he loses Cam to the next man she dates.

Bla..bla2...man, there's a lot to tell. What can I tell you is this movie is definitely worth watching since it full of comedy and clumsiness thing and sex..but in humor perspective..huhuu but it still sex.

You better watch...


Anonymous said...

It's really a great movie..I've watch it too..
By the way, nice template..:D