My First Post on InfoOnNet

My First Post on InfoOnNet

This is my first time posting for InfoOnNet blogspot. I made this blog so that I can share with all of you things I found interesting on the Net.

I had this idea since i'm surfing a lot every single day. The place i currently stay providing a LAN network with absolutely fast internet connection. Because my course is everything related to computer, so it's become my habit to surf a lot everyday, looking for interesting info and learn some new stuff.

My current activities using the Net is downloading. Yeah, keep downloading so that I can watch new stuff every week. So far I've downloaded few Tv series, anime, live action, movies, application, music video and songs..

My favorite search engine is definitely Google. Everytime I did my homework, I always refers to Google. What I can say is, with Google, you can googling almost everything on the Net that you want to know.
While surfing, I also learn a few tricks that you can apply when searching things using Google. For example when I want to download a songs, I just use this tricks:-

?intitle:index.of? mp3 Artist_name/songs_title

I learn this tricks at Tweak-everything's Blog.

I hope that this blog will help you to get latest tips on computer world, including service and product reviews, money blogging, traffic tips, gadgets, everything that happening on the Net.

I hope this blog will provide you with good info and knowledge so it can be share to everyone..