Adsense Setup New Function

Adsense Setup New Function

Today, when I open Adsense account to setup new adsense code for this blog,I noticed that Adsense Code section has few new functions..

I decided to use new blogger template for this blog. I made this decision because I realize that I realized I can depend on classic template forever even I like classic template more than this new blogger template. It simply because I can easily customize my template. Moreover, classic template blogger code is easy to understand, new blogger, making me hard to understand even for doing small task like adding Adsense code...Looks like I have to learn how this new template works so that someday I'll be able to make template on my own..
I hope so..:D

Ok..back to the toppic, Adsense new function. There are "Preview Function" and "Unit Name for the Code"..You will find preview function just below your preview image and foe Name of the code is at the bottom of the page.

Here's the pictures :-